Syscoin buy the breakout 65% profit! Low risk! 1000+ followers?

POLONIEX:SYSBTC   Syscoin / Bitcoin
Risk: Low

Please be advised that this is only an idea, so you are responsible for any losses yourself.

Dear followers,

First of all, thank you for following and liking my ideas. The number of followers is rising rapidly. I just started posting since December and it looks like I'll reach my first 1000 followers before March! You people can help me with this by following and liking my ideas. I really appreciate it (It's only one mouseclick) and I'll thank you by trying to provide you with better charts every day/week.

It looks like that Syscoin is ready for another breakout. We are trading almost 100% higher after our previous breakout and I think that we can do it again.
The MACD is almost giving a buy signal, and the RSI is also positive. It might be posibble that we will see a small pull back before the breakout.

Buy: If breakout

Target 1: 0.0000790
Target 2: 0.0000880
Target 3: 0.0001069

Good luck!

Questions? Feel free to ask and your feedback is welcome!
交易進行: Intraday breakout! We need a close above resistance. It looks like it's gonna happen and we can reach target 1 soon.

Breakout as expected. Let's hit our first target :)
交易進行: We are trading below resistance again, because of the crash. We have to wait for a new breakout.

We saw a false breakout and we failed again to close above resistance yesterday. It's a tough resistance. We will receive confirmation in which way we go before the 27th.
any update ?
Jelmerrr yaser3537
@yaser3537, You can click the play button in the chart. What we see isn't a new breakout yet.
yaser3537 Jelmerrr
@Jelmerrr, ok, thank you
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And everytime Sys breakout , BTC fuck the party
+1 回覆
@Badrs7, Yep, unfortunately it wasn't the best timing for a breakout. A litlle patience is needed.
I think you spot on with that 1
+2 回覆

Thank you very much mate for your lovely and precise analysis and ideas
+1 回覆
Jelmerrr Aikido_1
@Aikido_1, It's my pleasure mate! :)
Jelmerrr Jelmerrr
@Jelmerrr, Test
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