Trust Plus Opportunity 150%

BITTREX:TRSTBTC   Trustcoin / Bitcoin
Hello Friends,

First of all: I am Still a student at TA but with every Analysis (which i keep for myself most of the Time, because im still learning how to use Tradingview and the Charts look like a Picasso after im done... which is one Reason :) things are going better and more positive in Long term and thats one Reason why i want to share this with the Community.

Well in Summary This coin is on the Weekly and Daily Base on an Up Trend and Performs pretty good.
If We Break the Resistance around 7250 we will see a Breakout.


Resistance: 0.00007250

Buy In: 0.00006500 to 0.00007300
Stop-Loss: 0.00005500

Target1: 0.00009600
Target2: 0.00012150
Target3: 0.00014400
Target4: 0.00017400

Please be responsible and set your own Stop Loss Level, if you buy In Higher you should also set a higher Stop Loss and Reverse. If you got Questions feel free to Ask

Oh and if you like the Post / the TA / The Outcome you can press on like :).
評論: Big Sorry, its not Trust Plus like the Title says its Trustcoin! So this TA is about "Trustcoin" the rest is Legit!
評論: Since the correction from yesterday TRST shows up a Morning Star, one very good indicator for a price reversal.. Bullish, i will follow this closely and keep this Idea Up to date
交易進行: In Summary:
- We hit the first Target yesterday!
- Second: This Coin Performs REALLY good. In fact with the corrections we have this is a winner if you look closely.
- The coin shows still upper movement.

Stay in for Long Term - my Advice

And here we go.
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