TRXBTC - risky play

Let's see if we can play the pattern within the pattern? Risky - don't quit your day job - or load the boat.
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if btc keeps falling, do you think it could fall further?
@ansiema7, i think people are waiting for BTC to confirm a downtrend. This way they can invest into alts without the worry of bird daddy etc taking the limelight. Just my opinion tho
I think TRX is fine at the point. This is a hit or miss opportunity, I wont be below 1000 again after it takes off.
Nezah ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, See that giant empty space below the flag? Its a never ending cliff until you hit the base of the pole.
mezase Nezah
@Nezah, Think it's possible for it to fall all the way down? It's hit 920 support at least 4 times and a break out.
Nezah mezase
@mezase, Well that's the thing about re-testing support over and over again. Each time is like rolling a dice. Do you think you'll roll with a positive outcome 5 times in a row? Even with 50/50 chance (which are the best casino odds you can get), that's about 3.125% chance that'll happen. Mind you, the next roll is always going to be 50/50 :)
mezase Nezah
@Nezah, Yeah but I guess that depends largely on some bad news, I mean I myself would not sell precious TRX at such a low price without a real reason.
@Nezah, Well I see the flags but I also see the timing. If you measure time and price growth you will see that is unlikely to fall that bad. I stay optimistic on this coin, I also own it. I entered and exit several times. Last entry was at 980. Holding it confidently. Good luck
Nezah ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, Like I said... risky trade. I'm in it too. But so far no beuno. I'll give it a chance to play out. Down 10% in a crypto trade isn't "that bad". (Would kill most portfolios in the long run).
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