TRON (TRX/BTC) New Market Cycle (Long Term)

On the fundamentals side, TRON is an emerging project with a strong core development team, along with a long term vision as depicted by their roadmap published on their website. Despite not yet being listed on major exchanges, TRX has seen a great surge in trading volume over the past weeks and have quickly gained market capitalization, from ranked over #100 to now being ranked #18.

On the technical side, TRX has recently completed its market cycle as illustrated by the Elliot Wave Cycle of five waves in the direction of the trend and three corrective ABC waves. With volume surging in the past few days coupled with pennant breakouts and heavy support of the trend line , this signals an emergence of a new wave cycle.

First Target: 436
Second Target: 650
Third Target: 850

Take profits at target levels and re-enter at the retracements.
評論: We have just hit our first target at 436! Congratulations to those who followed this analysis! No we will look to re-buy at lower prices between 340-400.
評論: We have just hit our second target, fell short by a few points but successfully peaked at 644. Look to re-enter around 440 at the 0.5 Fibonacci line. Bitcoin recovering up will provide an excellent TRX buying opportunity for us because traders will look to sell altcoins and enter bitcoin. However, as soon as bitcoin enters into a consolidation, altcoins will recover back and TRX will be en-route to new highs. Trade with caution and stay profitable!
評論: *400-440 are excellent buying opportunities.*
交易結束:目標達成: Congratulations! TRON (TRX/BTC) has hit our final target of 850. Thank you for following this chart and I hope you have been able to reap some rewards from this trade. More analysis on this cryptocurrency will be done for private members. Stay tuned for more updates!
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I'm betting on wave 2 to hit 750 or more.
Good job with the charts!! Seem very accurate! Where would predict target 4 and retractment?
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Thank you for the charts !
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@sashimaal, No problem! I hope my analysis have been able to aid in your trading!
Thanks for the great advice! I followed your recommendation and it is starting to pay off. One question, it seems that no retracement happended on the first target , but rather at 475. do you plan to update the targets ? PS: i'm fairly new in trading,
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DeejaiRiangkrul maverick1123
@maverick1123, Thank you for your comment, I am very glad to hear that you have recently picked up trading and that my analysis has helped you out. These are simply projections based off previous price action, therefore the targets may not be exact; however, it is very normal for the price to either surpass my targets, or fall short of my targets. It is best to take my targets with a +- 25 above or below my target levels. As for my 2nd and 3rd targets for this market cycle, my target levels still stand the same at 650 and 850 respectively. Trade with caution and stay profitable!
maverick1123 DeejaiRiangkrul
@DeejaiRiangkrul, Great !! Thank you for the clarification .. Indeed we hit he second target at 644 . Keep up the good analysis .. Will be waiting for further analysis from you. Thanks!
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grmlkn DeejaiRiangkrul
@DeejaiRiangkrul, Hello, it's a great forecast. Can you please extend the forecast after 850 and identify buying points?
Thank you
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