TRXBTC Buy Opportunity

TRXBTC Buy Opportunity

so clear so easy to read with your eyse .. sorry for not having many time to write my think about what is going to happen ..
but i think the chart is enough to till what i am traying to say .

i promise to give what you want so soon ..
but shortly buy at 660sats
and keep for long or sell at resistance at 776 sats
交易進行: 1st target @ .00001150
2nd target @ .00001467
3ed target @ .00001867
last target @ .00002450
交易進行: at current time we moving in wave C downtrend the chanel but we so near to hit the end of the line to breakout .. if we got the breakout soon we will flay ... if we didn't break we will break tomorrw ..

TRON has good work team and it is good coin hiding better future to your wallet
all what need to do now is .... buy and HOLD then hold then keep holding

take care of your mony ... buy at your risk .
交易進行: breakout is happend ... be ready
評論: flaying now
dose the resistance line is now supporut line ... that what looks like but if that was wrong we may fail down looking for some suppourt ... hold your positions and if it fall buy more ..

stop loss at 0.00000780
評論: nice we have now our new suppourt line wich is the blue one .. we moved from downtrend moving to straghit line ... very big chance to go up so soon if it went up we gain if go down we buy again

have a nice day
muhammad karzoun
評論: want to spend some time for something..?
buy at dips & sell at tops !... to keep in mind ,dips mean around 750&790 sats for the current trading chart
交易進行: last chance to buy .... train will move
交易進行: TRX is sleeping now ... it may wake up at the morning

the flags eyes will look to the sky but it will be late ... told you
交易進行: TRON is traying to breath

HOLD your positins for now ... we may have new chance today and
we need to move our stop loss to 681sats
if we hit stop loss today we may see the 560 before hit the moon ..

but keep in mind that TRON is one of the best coins for 2018 you should trust in it if you are already in .... and it has good team working on it .

is you see my last 2 ideas got thir targets within 12 to 15 hours but i wasn't in becouse i am all in TRX ... and i trust in .

have good days hope you big profits
交易結束:達到停損點: i am out
it is going to the next suppourt .. until that i am out to another trade .
it will come back be sure ... but we wasn't lucky this time
moving to stronger suppourt line but the chart is deferent this time ... some good signals started to show
評論: FORMING CUP AND HANDLE ON THE just wait to be complete then trade is active
評論: FORMING CUP AND HANDLE ON THE 15min chart.... just wait to be complete then trade is active
交易進行: here we go

dose this is the start ...! 860 sats
Boss if the dip is 750 and 790 what is the tops? Is it the top green line of resistance about 950 to 970?
Thanks again! Love making money in the channels!
hey, do you think we might still see the dip toward 600 sats or too risky now? Just buy now?
thanks for great graphs, following :)
@kitkat16, i think there is one more chance to fail again ... if you want to be smart just keep waching the chart and look to the best chance to get in
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kitkat16 MuhammadKarzoun
@MuhammadKarzoun, thanks boss, appreciate the feedback
but you say is going down more then what happened
MuhammadKarzoun alishah1950
@alishah1950, it broke the resistance early ... but train is not gone yet
sir can i buy know or wait to go down more please help for this ??
MuhammadKarzoun alishah1950
@alishah1950, wait until reach suppourt zone at 690 and down
alishah1950 MuhammadKarzoun
@MuhammadKarzoun, you mean is going down more ???
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