Good Morning?? Could it be a Morning star?

Been watching for the last few days and it doesn't seem to confirm a trend/ reversal. It's been quiet confusing lately and buyers and sellers can't seem to come to an agreement just yet. But could it be that this is the day the market decides to take a hike? Bulls have taken enough of a break, lets see if they take control now. Sitting on my hands for now.

Thanks for reading,

評論: At the moment of writing the first part, the candle was on the green side. I tried to type as fast as I could. But now it looks that the candle continued below the support line. Next support is at .000068. Unless it restests at .000072
評論: Alright friends, It has broken through the bearish trendline, I'm still waiting for comfirmation, to retest now the support level at .000075 or break through the new resistance key level at.000078
評論: We're hovering above the .000068 zone, This one seems to be a stronger support. It's been tested a few times. Now I am looking for the candle sticks breaking through the trend line.

There were a few good moves but I am now looking for something more certain, so maybe it breaks that above trend line, we'll probably see some mayor moves.
評論: oops I'll have to post a new idea to show the trend line I am talking about..
Make sure to press play to see what I am talking about. Thank you.
I want a morning Star not a death star....
erikpena HembrookRules
@HembrookRules, Yep, I know. I prematurely wrote the post. It was starting to for a morning star, by the time I posted the idea the next candlestick became bearish, an inverted hammer.
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