Most Hated Stock on Wall Street

NYSE:TWTR   推特公司
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Twitter is beloved by the President and Celebs, but hated by analyst and the market.

What is Wall Street missing?

Disruptive Innovation
Behind the scenes of Twitter, they are building a media empire. In the next 2-3 years are phones will broadcast all Twitter Live content via any modern display that includes a 5G SMART wireless network. It won't be long before 5G is available and broadcasting Live content on licensed TVs, perhaps via an Apple TV, will be common as downloading music via Apple Store. Twitter is smartly teaming up with Apple TV to eventually becoming the TV media library for Apple .

Taking Down Traditional TV Media
Twitter knows that building out live sports content today is difficult. Networks have built exclusive broadcasting deals to cable companies and public TV channels. However, ratings of network TV have gone down because many people are ridding cable and tired of paying for media they don't watch. Similar was a problem that Steve Jobs recognized. Jobs like everyone else was tired of paying for albums CD/Record that had only one song they liked. So Jobs created an Ipod and built a library for music downloads.

Apple TV is/will be the next iPod , once 5G is available. Twitter will build the library for public use and private library use. Promise of new 5G technology, Twitter will eventually reach 1.5 to 2 billion viewers before 2025. Not all of those will use Twitter Live TV, some will use Facebook Live or another, Snap TV or Amazon Prime TV. Twitter teaming up with Apple though, makes me believe TWTR will be the leader in Live TV broadcasting.


I have been waiting for an opportunity to buy TWTR stock for some time now. What I'm waiting for is another bottoming of price. Right now the stock is moving in the final direction. I want to take action within the next 2-4 months. What I'm seeing is a double bottom pattern with a target in the 40's and TWTR should reach this tgt in the next 15 months.

Alternative long term wedge.

Ending Diagonal or Wedge Pattern

Each subwave of the ending diagonal triangle divides into a three, so the subwave count for the triangle pattern is 3-3-3-3-3. The ending diagonal triangle is the only five wave pattern moving in the direction of the main trend that frequently, but not always, shows such an overlap.

The chart shows the ending diagonal triangle in a bear market. Notice that the waves within the triangle subdivide into 3 subwaves each. This pattern is bullish when price breaks out upward from the top trendline. Price often rises back to at least the start of the triangle.
Fun to watch the price action on this one but I would not consider more than a swing trade long if that until they book more than one profitable quarter. Seems to me have had postions on but just checked not in last year, have never considered becoming a user so far.
Great idea QE I'll be looking out for that bottom as well!
how many month we need to go the target ?

Lower time frames showing divergence. Price shaping half a diamond pattern. Possible we get one more better buy entry before NatGas goes higher.
QuantitativeExhaustion QuantitativeExhaustion
@QuantitativeExhaustion, sorry wrong chart.
Can also be a falling wedge
+1 回覆
@2use, That's true and would require TWTR price to go below the all-time low $13.75.
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