Potential PA Long USDJPY

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
*Personal Journal Only*
Stalking USDJPY for a Long with Price Action on 1h charts.
Normally I would've taken the trade already but I realized a bit late so I'm stalking very careful on 15m charts for a better price.
交易進行: Got in after Buyers pressence on 15m chart.
Entry @110.77
Stop @110.442
TP @111.340
Potential R:R: 1.74
評論: Moved stops 1 ATR below previous low.
New stop @110.50
評論: Moved stops to Breakeven, I usually set stops below previous lows, but we had a strong move up and don't and want to avoid any risk.
交易結束:達到停損點: Stop reached at Breakeven, sudden rise sometime means sudden drops.
Damn. Was there any JPY news?
Koutta gabal007
@gabal007, Yes, but on the trading calendar the date was set to "Tentative" so I wasn't sure about the exact time of the news. At least it was BE, will be annoying if now goes to my TP.
Yeah, that looks good :)
Koutta gabal007
@gabal007, I'm beign careful with those support attacks, and other JPY trades are saying short, so I don't want to rush.
Koutta gabal007
@gabal007, Unless UJ is the lagging pair, in this case the correlation is not that bad.
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