Think About USDJPY to LONG

USD is so weak and UJ is in bearish . Then wonder is there any point could be change up.
As image, CD=DE is number 9, and BC = EF(if this week is F) is number 12, ZA = AB is number 17, then it is possible FG (G is future) equals number 17 too.
It could became wonderful model for HEAD & SHOULDER.
Then zoom in, for value calculation, from E-a-b, calculated V value is 109.52(It was happened near by this price), and N value 110.81 is finished , just left E value is 108.93.
So I will do LONG in at here and S/L will set at 108.5, then expect next 17 weeks which could be fun.
Of cause even in next 2 weeks , you still have chance to trade in. There always be no sharp wave to change up to bullish direct.
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