USDJPY: 300 pips plus for UJ short trade.

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
1110 11

After hitting the top, now UJ is dropping with its new descending channel .
The reflection point A of the channel is expected at 112.
And dropping deeper after a correction inside the channel by hitting b, giving a more steep channel.
Final buying zone is 110.5- 108.2.
So ,now if you setup sl up higher than last top 114.5, you can enter short anytime.
otherwise, its wise to wait for a correction B.
Either way, 300 pips plus for UJ short trade.

Less is more!
評論: UJ straight down to fibo 618 110.6.
評論: from 112.4 down to 110.6, the short trade is closed by making 180 pips.
評論: 3 tps for UJ's correction wave.
交易結束:目標達成: just to record: this short trade has been closed.
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1.Wechat: ziyuvera
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@FUNTRADER-Vera ... vera, so you have closed your Short trades & are now Long???
@gaptraderhq, hedging long to scalp for a correction wave.
gaptraderhq FUNTRADER-Vera
@FUNTRADER-Vera, Sorry whats that mean... you think it will correct Long so you are scalping... but then it will drop again to your 108.02 levels??? Thankyou
Thank you
@yaaas, you are welcome.
Nice :)
FUNTRADER-Vera TheRealTumay
@TheRealTumay, thank you.
@FUNTRADER-Vera ... Hi Vera, hope you have been well... I've been holding taking positions short. Remember a few weeks ago I said there were gaps... it will be pay day soon. It will drop to 109.220 & close the gap ;o) ... Gold long to 1285 as mentioned also. Good luck. Dax short to 12,080 as well.
@gaptraderhq, yes, we all see the gap, but the issue here is when and where to setup the short trade for the best R/R.
gaptraderhq FUNTRADER-Vera
@FUNTRADER-Vera, thats you department hehehe Im just a gap trader who hates charts. Thats why I follow you. lol ;o)
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