USD.JPY - Short Opportunity

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
My brief Daily & 4hr USD.JPY chart analysis.

I will be updating this pair on multiple timeframes to give a clearer insight into what i'm watching.
評論: Breakout has now occurred.
Similar setup. Looking forward for this. Thanks Tom
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TomHall ikhmal_ariff
@ikhmal_ariff, Great to hear, i hope all goes well.
TomHall authors
@igpromotings, Very nice chart setup.

What do you think?
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TomHall RobinOphion
@RobinOphion, I like it, very similar setup.
all these "lightening bolts" projected on the screen are beginning to bug me, heh heh heh... Can't someone just peek behind the curtain and tell us what the wizard is up to next?
TomHall Melchizedek
@Melchizedek, lol its all about simplicity :-)
@TomHall, Of course it is! The truth is very very SIMPLE! But humanity is very very COMPLEX. That's the problem for us all, accepting the SIMPLE TRUTH which is always before our face, IF we can perceive it. An allegory: To be WHOLE is simple. To be FRACTURED is to be COMPLEX. So what we all need is not just to be healed of our complexity, but to be MADE WHOLE.
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