FX:USDTRY   美元 / 土耳其里拉
One of the most common mistakes is to evaluate the trend with today's prices. Trend lines should be extended on the same slope and prices should be monitored.

The Turkish Central Bank succeeded in pulling down the giant Bullish Pennant's Pennant a little but the orange channel had to be broken down and the closures must be under the channel in order to escape from it.

If 3.74s area may pass quickly the double top formation (3.74 - 3.52) will cancelled , we may never talk 3.50s again.(If Turkish interest rates do not rise too much )

So if 3.74s area may pass quickly and hold over 3.74 , i guess we can see pro gamers are starting to wake up .

But i guess everybody want to catch big leaps short time like between 09.2016 - 01.2017, Watch the bollinger bands will go on for a few days in a very very narrow range. That's the signal you need.But be sure it is not a downtrend's signal.

評論: I shared that previously first i m waiting for 3.66 (fibonaci 0.618) this is a resistance which isnt very forceful or very weak .
交易進行: As i wrote , closing of the 3.74 level should continue to strengthen the USDTRY. My personal idea usdtry will set new records (long term). But my wish, usdtry fall down very much.It isnt possible with building real estate projects and shopping malls everywhere.
It is only possible with them:


-GIANT HEAVY INDUSTRY FACTORIES (most important with agriculture)
交易進行: Unfortunately this green line can' t show infinite lenght but when i put a ruler with same angle , yes trade is active. Btw im fed up this : value trading. Now i decided to be flow trader. so i will look on daily charts until now. Being value trader is very successful , years show me but . Now want to be flow trader. Im not quiting basic analysis but until now my longest chart is daily and miss maneuvers , profiteering in short time ,so i will try to brent crude oil chart for flow trading. I dont have pro acc. so i will share only guaranteed analysis for me .
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