Crude $45 by April/May 2018

TVC:USOIL   WTI 原油差價合約
Revising my $69-70 target down to $65-66.

My Original idea from July 17 - was Crude would reach 69-70 by late Spring early Summer.
Do you have short positions?
@Kil, yes. From 64.
Kil Market_Masta
@Market_Masta, Show me snapshot.
Kil Kil
@Kil, and Is it live account? Show me snapshot.
@Kil, i'm not showing your punk ass shit. My chart speaks for itself little kil.
I'm seeing the same, now it's only speculates, not from real demand
oh~~,GOOD idea...
How far it can go up as your analysis? Stuck on short badly. Thanks
@Mukto, crude is extremely overbought - one would think that with any further upside would be met with extreme profit taking. In July of 2016 I recognized a pattern that gave me a price target of $69 at the high end and $64-$66 at the low end of the bull run. Given the pace at which crude rose to current levels - I'm revising my high end now to 64-66. I'm short, however there maybe 2-3 weeks of choppy price action in this current range before deep downside takes place. There will be a fight here at these price levels.

It's my best analysis given the conditions on pattern and relative strength in terms of being overbought in that traders will want to take profits. Bulls will fight but will eventually lose due to lack of buyers.
Starting to see calls for $80, 90, and 100 oil... it's usually at the end of a move, up or down, that the claims about future direction become the most exaggerated and grotesque.
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batzashurrc Market_Masta
@Market_Masta, great analysis,,,same view i have
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