USOIL. Crazy market.

TVC:USOIL   WTI 原油差價合約
USOIL . Crazy market.

Idea: due to Siria news market will be bullish for next 1-4 days (maybe we will see gap). Target 70-71.5 (I'm optimistic, but margin call can do bad thing). After it we will see downtrend till middle of June.

Market will be very emotional and price will shoot intraday traders who are not use Stop Losses.

Feel free to ask questions...
Strange Graphs (Странные графики)
I agree crude should be topping soon. How are you coming up with timing for a low in mid June? Thanks
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@Kimston, just assumption

22 June 2018
174th (Ordinary) OPEC Meeting
Vienna, Austria
I do not expect a big gap because Russians/Syrians soldiers was not affected. The airstrikes damage was exactly like last year which caused a measly gap and a drop there after. I am expecting a big fall. to around 62-60.
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@Jamal92, maybe you right.
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