OIL - LONG After Bull Blood Bath

FX:USOIL   原油差價合約(WTI)
The market was unloaded today
All bulls on margin call: who buy dip, who buy after OPEC meeting, who sustain the price in march

I think Open Interest sufficiently decreased, and the new bull cycle arisen
Commercials have reduced net short position and new, fresh and brave bulls ready to buy every dip

Open: 45.50
SL: 44.60
交易進行: Price 47.50
Fixing 10%
評論: 10% on 47.50 fixed
交易進行: 20% fixed on 48.00

70% position remain
交易進行: Move SL to 45.51
交易進行: 10% fixed on 49.00

60% position remain
手動結束交易: 48.50 Closed manually
S&P free fall, risk increases in oil LONG
評論: 49.56 Buy Stop Order
評論: Order cancelled
評論: Manual close was not a wise decision..
Now I'm outside of this rocket :(
"Buy stop" order was a good idea, but lost too in uncertainty

Next week, i'll try to find an entry point for myself, and publish if it is safe enough
Or not, if risky

Try to find your own entry point on key support levels after price correction if market shakeout you too.
交易進行: 46.00 Back in action
交易進行: Adding here, SL 44.15
Why the Order is cancelled? D'You think it's time for short now, friend?
RAZRus Sergio18
@Sergio18, Bad entry point after panic close :(

If you still have long position, try to hold

I'll try to find an entry point for myself.
Sergio18 RAZRus
@RAZRus, thank you,friend.
But I have short position in level 52 (brent). And I take a small long position now. It's like particai hedge for me. And maybe You can give me a tip-off? what is better to do: keep waiting luck or throw off any order?
RAZRus Sergio18
@Sergio18, I can't give you advice because I've never worked with hedge positions :(
Why? D'You think it's time for short now, friend?

It is fantastic!!! You are an Aristotle !!!
Is this Trade Active now?
RAZRus uzair18
@uzair18, Yes, still active SL didn't hit cause my broker trading hours 7.00 - 21.00 UTC
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