VENBTC Houston we are ready for lift off! 30% GUARANTEED

BINANCE:VENBTC   VeChain / Bitcoin
VEN rebranding 26th Feb will allow VEN holders to collect THOR (like NEO & Gas). While always proving to be a highly stable coin.

You are out of your mind if you don't take this trade. Don't make me come and slap you!

Expected target of H&S 83636 SAT, target of Elliot waves 74700 SAT.

If you made money with my calls and want to thank me:

Donate BTC: 1EQuazVs5MHpcBrceUvKWwtmFBVpNn6hxw
Donate ETH: 0x9746e2692bad3dc2da5c8d759e2d8c56af74e3d9
Donate LTC: LVZef6iRGe7unhECDFmGDM8VzDMzUaGZqY

respect the followers.......
u r going against the market ....... be careful ....
Please learn to do proper research, you wont be able to generate Thor until mainnet release in Q2...