-These products all use RFID and blockchain technology to target the manufacturing and counterfeit prevention area.
-I will consider reentering wabi after Jan 26th++ since VEN and WTC will be sucking the volume up due to the news surrounding them.
-However, the chart tells me that there could be a surge due to a fractal pattern present and also nearing the end of a possible triangle. We could also be at the end of ABC correction wave and entering wave 3 of elliot trend.
評論: This seems to be a good entry point, however, we will test resistance one more time. You can enter here or wait, but I do not think that the next low will be lower than the current price (25k satoshis).
Hello, thank you for your TA, will you re-enter after Jan 26th because of the Futures contract? I am sitting on the sidelines wanting to re-enter to the likes of VEN and WABI..
VEN has been going up so feels like a missed opportunity.. don't want to miss the next one :(
Marijuana Remm_Unknown
@Remm_Unknown, Mainly because the news around WTC and VEN. I feel like they will take the volume away from the rest of the market during this time. Futures expiration may help with this too.
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