#WAN was a great buy at 5700 sats

BINANCE:WANBTC   Wanchain / Bitcoin
At the end of everyday I check over the top gainers and do TA to try and understand why they went up. Wan today was a great buy at 5700 sats and I will explain why. First off, from a fundamental standpoint WAN is a great coin and any price under $5 is extremely undervalued. Second, on the left chart we see that WAN bottomed out at the 5700 range. This is because it is the strongest support because it is at the origin of the bullish movement, thus a 100% fib retrace. Also, Stoch was fully oversold as well as RSI . Lastly and most importantly, the VPVR. The VPVR shows a big gap which is why WAN was a risky buy under 7000 sats despite still looking good technically. In addition, we have a bigger order block in the 5400-5600 sat range, indicating a strong support. Obviously we would want to set bids a little higher to ensure they get filed. On the right chart, you will see WAN the 15 min forming one of the most bullish trading patterns, the double bottom . It is important for traders to see these patterns happen, if you see it happen while on a strong support and a big order block, then it is for sure a buy. As you can see once the double bottom formed, thus no lower low, price action moved upward quickly. If you bought at 5600 you would be in 15% profit already, great for daytrading. I hope this helps! Leave comments with feedback please.
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