BINANCE:WAVESETH   Waves / Ethereum
I have identified smarter three coins which appear to be mega cycle bottoming. Even if btc retests 5k i do not expect them to fall precipitously but this is possible of course. These are NEM , ETP and BTGUSD ; the last is asic-resistant but not a long term hodl for me. Exit for BTGUSD would be anything approaching the previous ATH . ETP is a longterm hodl with a two to three figure target. NEM similarly. QTUM is another coin which looks very good value for money and I expect this to be my principal stake coin. Decred is either a short to medium term pump or a longerterm hodl and stake. Waves, ETP and QTUM are the ethereum-a-likes in this portfolio and would plan to stake and node them. Ultimately the plan would be to trade back into ETH and stake eth. THE INHERENT VALUES OF ALL CRYPTOS ARE ZERO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.
評論: the portfolio has an emphasis on staked cryptos; if i wanted unstaked i would go for erc20 type tokens; joy of staking is potential for staking and noding with passive income but also this is the future i believe; i would not hodl anything that is not asic resistant
評論: i don't like the decred roadmap so will look to flip that one i think they going asic
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