Silver - The VERY close to breakout!

Like gold , silver demand is SO close to a up run! Thank me later.
評論: Major targets: 20/28/34/40/50 USD
評論: 26th of February Keep an eye on silver, it's the reversal point for a new bull run :)
評論: 5 more days! 26th is coming close
評論: 30 July next date if this one fails. More consolidation thus.
交易進行: We got first signs of an upcoming breakout! Stay tuned and watch this triangle break up.
評論: Silver getting more interesting during war conflicts and economic tension
評論: Tension is building up slowly because of warfare and politics, we got a breakout signal since 26th of February all the way to 30th of July, after 30th of July things should really get going! Still cheap to buy (16.60) and look for target of 20/21 USD
評論: Momentum getting stronger! Silver slowly breaking out.
評論: Getting bullish on silver now! 3 failed bear attemps, on MACD 2W, starting to turn bull here in few weeks.
評論: Furthermore, consolidating triangle, once it breaks up lots off buyers will join! Scaling in now or trading breakout will be very nice trade here. These setups don't happen that often.
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litecoin of wall street
already inn cool to see that u aggree , much love and ll the best i wish
All other markets are in dangerous territory, a good time to start getting into Gold, Silver and Bitcoin ;)
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TheTrex Poukitoun
@Poukitoun, Indeed
I think first it has to crash through 16 and to the 15 dollar long term support line to then take off
+1 回覆
Totally agree. Just bought some additional silver into my vault :)
+1 回覆
thx for update watching silver like a hawk
+1 回覆
TheTrex majorlee
@majorlee, It's a good longterm hold nonetheless at these levels.
majorlee TheTrex
@TheTrex, yup i been buying silver coins, just incase! got some hunches im going on, but i feel silver coins in exchange for bitcoins (1:1) could be possible in the next coming 5-10 years
TheTrex majorlee
@majorlee, For sure!
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