Silver - The VERY close to breakout!

Like gold             , silver             demand is SO close to a up run! Thank me later.
評論: Major targets: 20/28/34/40/50 USD
評論: 26th of February Keep an eye on silver, it's the reversal point for a new bull run :)
評論: 5 more days! 26th is coming close
評論: 30 July next date if this one fails. More consolidation thus.
交易進行: We got first signs of an upcoming breakout! Stay tuned and watch this triangle break up.
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I think first it has to crash through 16 and to the 15 dollar long term support line to then take off
Totally agree. Just bought some additional silver into my vault :)
thx for update watching silver like a hawk
TheTrex PRO majorlee
@majorlee, It's a good longterm hold nonetheless at these levels.
This would imply:
- fed fund rates stay below debasement level (wich seems obvious in current economy).
But should also imply that cryptocurrencies is done for now.
What's your take ?
26th Feb as per your analysis, what is expected? Up or Down..?
TheTrex PRO AhmedFouad
@AhmedFouad, I'm bullish on silver, we could see 20$ this year.
AhmedFouad TheTrex
@TheTrex, so 26th Feb , will witness an impulse move on Silver?
TheTrex PRO AhmedFouad
@AhmedFouad, It would be the end of consolidation and start to rise from there yes.
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