Gold intraday 26.9.17

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
650 7
Next target upside = 1316. Retrace to 1310 after
評論: Juicy stops @1310 zone. 1316-17 is pending sell zone for many.
評論: I know many is short now based on "fade the news move" on North Korea.
I do not think that may do the trick this time.
評論: 1298.5 is the lower zone. If i am correct, price shall going up from there.
評論: 1298.5 is a 36 degree retrace from the 1312 level. If it holds it is perfect.
評論: Daily cycle lows are boring. Very boring.
評論: There are some sheep from Fed today speaking. What they say is not so important, but it may speed things up a bit.
評論: If we get above 1305 we are home free.
評論: I believe if u replaced the FOMC speakers with KIM, the result of the move will be the same.
評論: And what about the dollar index? DXY is at what? 93? What was it when gold was @ 1375 last year? Oh yes, above 95. Lol.
評論: 63 - 36 + 45 = 72 -> 1316.5
lets see if that is how market wants it
評論: I cannot help with the Yellen-spikes unfortunately. lets close green now.
評論: This must be regarded a failure.
My upside target remains. Better perhaps pick a day where there is no Option expiry next time.
gold will rise again at the end of the year, after FED meeting. Dollar is bouncing guys. Gold can't go higher.
Viking83 giuseppe.grande
@giuseppe.grande, What was the level of DXY when gold was 1375 last year?
+1 回覆
@Viking83, yes gold should be much higer right now, if we consider the correlation with the dollar, but we are in the early stage. It is Like 2001. Correlation may shifted a little bit. Waiting to see EUR/USD at 1.14, AUD/USD at 0.77, USD/JPY at 114 and then the bull will start to eat all the bears around.
Viking83 giuseppe.grande
@giuseppe.grande, No doubt, both dollar and US10Y makes pressure on gold. But I have still one final cycle up before down into December. Normally, in a good bull, we should see yearly higher highs. Dollar has managed to be a good bear and made a yearly lower low.
So: up into mid october, then down through rest of year until FOMC.
@Viking83, Sounds good! Continue with your work man. It is a pleasure to read you.
"Comment: This must be regarded a failure. " - Wow, someone on TV who's trade does not work out as expected and they admit fault and don't disappear for a few days? Pinch me, I MUST be dreaming.
Probably see a pop soon.
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