Bears turns to bulls 1st Quarter of 2018

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
912 19
Still in consolidating channel downwards. Cycle low estimated end of Jan to mid Feb 2018.
1293.8 should be the resistance
交易進行: Entered into the trade. I will close the position if we get a daily CLOSE above 1295.
評論: 10. Too mch. Almost
評論: As price closed above 1295, it signalled higher levels to come.
But I expect here a pullback;
Daily consolidation inside the channel. Potential top. Need tomorrow for confirmation
評論: In an EW-perspective, it might have only completed 4 out of 5 waves. Be careful to short before potential confirmed swing high.
評論: This may be a valid scenario since price is breaking upwards quite aggressively;
評論: 1322.4 intraday gann level which is interesting to observe for reaction.
評論: Broke above 1322.4. That signals next level higher.
it will be interesting to see gold drop from here into icl, if you see jan 2015 it's quite the same formation
i am thinking the top too
Epic rejection candle on monthly chart!
if there will be a short channel, it will look like this
You can't say that Viking! How can you be short on gold in 2018, if usd/jpy is supposed to trading lower? like you said weeks ago..
Viking83 giuseppe.grande
@giuseppe.grande, Just the 1-1.5 month of 2018. I thought gold would first trade higher - into the FOMC then start its downturn. Turned out it moved sideways for ages then started to break down instead in line with herd mentality. Im not convinced of this upmove. It still uses more time to rise than to fall. Not much power in the updays. My cycle analysis has the convergence of cycles in the end jan/beg feb for xau.
@Viking83, or probably this could be the first serious impulse that will drive gold above 1400 in august 2018.. time will tell. Thanks.
Viking83 giuseppe.grande
@giuseppe.grande, Yes time will tell. Have a continued nice Christmas GG
Viking83 giuseppe.grande
@giuseppe.grande, if it would rise 1-2 % a day I would agree ;) But its only grinding. Zzzz. Lets see if it closes above 1295.
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