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Hi guys, hope you're all having a great weekend. I am expecting the XAUSUD to make more impulse down, but the question is, is the correction over? I guess next week we will all know. Maybe one more move down before the up impulse.

Thank you for your support.
評論: Price hit top of structure and immediately rallied to downside. Well dont to anyone who had their own tested trading strategy and were able to take this trade,
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Thank you Tom. It's more down side. Speculators are catching knives.
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TomProTrader Victor.Y.F
@Victor.Y.F, agreed, expecting further downside, perhaps out of structure.
Victor.Y.F TomProTrader
@Tom_Killick, now the DXY looks like weaker because EURUSD stronger but this is still heavy.
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TomProTrader Victor.Y.F
@Victor.Y.F, I expect some correction here, or a move immediately to structure bottom. Still has momentum
Victor.Y.F TomProTrader
@Tom_Killick, EURUSD is turning now with stocks risk on sentiments. Harmonic patterns are forming. Some corrections are changing, I'm ready for FRB shock the market.
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