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Nothing , so , see , market is forming obvious double top , anybody can see it , so most of the people are saying , short , BLINDLY . its not short

... Why you think that when its double top you are short ? you are not short , you are always flat so in this market I want to buy against your all shorts cause its not short. What exactly you want to sell and to whom ? you see , we are around 4h levels , weekly as well , its perfect institutional buy , its possible it will not be right away , however Timing is key , so always try to wait a little more so market can show you something more.

Right now its long , short can continue because of Double top . Markets are so flexible , you cannot tell with sure that its going up or down . you have to wait most of the time to see what's actually doing and decide , cause candles close differently and they behave differently within given timeframe horizon. Its always showing you some signals , speculation is here as well. Big players can push prices lower to speculate people , so next they will buy strong to all of these sellers . Its an example. trading is 5 behing 5 ahead game , so you must think always in probabilities , not 1/1 , 5/5 its absolutely crazy and mind explosing endeavour. Keep grinding and Use your imagination
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