Xauusd. Simply following the bars. :-)

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
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A lot of people have many views on Gold atm. below 1200 over 1300..... You can draw waves,fibs, patterns, they all do the same thing.As a skeptic I also believe that (they) can also see quant. stat patterns etc. (predict price) Sometimes all you need is some random lines and colored boxes.
評論: i really think it will want to retest 1232 before any bullish move up tho... hmm.. a test of bottom red box .... price is so funny this way! dam comedian. a little bull/bear shakeout?
評論: we tested the bottom red box.. bulls need to get out of danger zone or bears can takes this down...
評論: Becareful guys :-( we could see some breaking of boxes... be ready to be risk off and know when to risk on. ;-)
評論: also if a break of red box and another bull spike happens it could be a launching pad we are looking for as bulls.
評論: bulls be wary first red box has broken. if you had shorts at 1232 that was the plan.
評論: if this is what i think it is.. we rejoice in heaven my friends. IN heaven
評論: to make it more clear.. if you are long rejoice... bears hide your wives and your kids. boxes never cease to amaze me.
評論: 1.. 2.. 3.. soo many bears... ..
評論: base build here = dead bears. look for a break too short... not now
評論: follow the rules and you win!
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