168 1 3
Gold             did not did Exactly as we predicted. We were wrong. Well we got 60 pips Cost here in negative. We review our plans and again still we strongly Bullish On GOLD             at the moment like emoticon
We think its just & just matter of time when we will see big sharp Bullish candles on Gold             but the question is from where ?
Looking at my configurations I am taking this rally as corrective to upside still as per our long term view is target 1000.
Our corrective target lies at 1100 but we are also counting it as Impulsive too in case if we wrong will catch our impulsive view.
We are confident Bullish at the moment. We know that our this call is against trend but we are playing what we see.
At the moment protection is 1057 & 1048 which will not let it go down and we believe its just a valid candle close above 1065 in 4H which will push us to think big up moves for target 1100.
Our wave (X) is about to terminate I think here at 1057 or if low then at 1049 then we will see from here or from 1057 the big up moves that will go 1100 round psychological Levels.
Trading Recommendations :
We will stay patience. We have 2 places to buy.
1) If candle close above 1065 then we can take buy with stop below 1057
2) If unexpected it go 1050 then we can buy also with stop below 1045
Target will be the same as 1100 number
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