GOLD / One Step Closer / 1307.xx

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
Open positions
May 4 - 1229.x x
May 5 - 1233.x x
May 26 - 1254.x x

Friday close price gave somewhat mixed signals, but there are some levels that are asking me to buy Gold on Monday on opening at market price.
Furthermore Friday Close adds one more target 1283.xx

For 3 running positions Stops are at BE.

Gold price is almost at 1275.x x target shown in previous 1307.x x series idea.
So the chain looks like 1275.x x - 1283.x x and hopefully 1307.x x
評論: Edit: not 1283 but 1285. Sorry.
交易進行: Missed the trade.
Opening 4th pksition now here at 1266.63 as i write.
And if Gold go 1262 maybe I add just a little bit more.
Lets see.
評論: I feel somehow safe about hitting 1285.xx target generated by Friday close.
And testing previous H in general, most interesting part will be with 1307.xx Because getting over 1300 mark will be a big achievement for gold in a long time.
But the target is a target and hopefully, it is reached. Let's see, maybe NFP this Friday will help us. But the safest target, for now, is 1285. Profit takers may do it there.
I am personally holding till 1307.xx
After IF 1307 comes we could actually get a decline in gold.
Reason for that is that there is one " considered " to be a target 1237, although I am sketchy about it, and it is a 50/50 level in my book, will do more research on it.
Other reason for that may be once we get over 1300 mark a lot of folks could get excited and Gold could play the trick by doing sharp move back under 1300 mark and decline. We will have to wait and see.
For now aiming 1275 - 1285.
評論: Yesterday's entry closed manually.
Will buy it back at 1262 if reached.

評論: That was pretty fast, didn't take long after I made the previous update.
Well, I have again only 2 positions running, since 3rd is closed again in anticipation of reaching 63-ish, small sell is closed.
Do I want to buy back the third position now? Nah... I will wait for today's close, and see what we got for tomorrow.
評論: Small risk positions can be executed ( split the powder don't shoot in one position whole powder )
Execute 0.1 here
If 1263 broken then probably may see 1255, if so execute 0.1 there again.

Closest target is 1285.xx Aim for it, but of course meanwhile deal with ups n downs on intraday basis.
交易進行: Ok, decided to buy back the third position here at 1263.xx too addicted to do it.
Furthermore, two open positions are in pretty good + so they can cover the DD if I get it on this 3rd one.
GL, and be careful we still have some potential downside.
Getting over 1266 will give a boost again.
Good work , let's hope nice and easy without any nusty surprise , we hit 1307 !!!

Let's hope for an extreme fundamental surprise to lead us towards 1400 area ...
Is it still good moment to enter long with TP 1285, now?
TheZabisyu ValtsVladimirLiepnieks
@ValtsVladimirLiepnieks, As you may see the price is hovering around the same area and don't expect any moves today, it's holiday.
So if you want you can enter. Up to you.
@MetalCruisers, yeah, Banks are chillin again :D

Thanks bro, :)
i really like your work @MetalCruisers ! keep it up! :D
TheZabisyu fxxxxtrader
@fxxxxtrader, Amen!
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