XAUUSD Bullish bat pattern

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
This is very similar to the NZDUSD weekly chart.
It just broke the B point, which means if I want to look for buy-low opportunity on daily chart ,
I will only be interesting in this bat near 1250.
That is, without a daily reversal sign or a strong bounce that breaks some important pivot ,
I will only look for trades to short gold recently, no matter sell-high strategies or chase-low strategies!

Let's see how it goes.

評論: CD Moves forward, not so far from the potential entry yo!
評論: Here you are, kinda turning short-term bullish before breaking 1235.00
(联系wechat ID: jackedutim ; 备注“Joe是爱交易”)

8/14 20:00 Joe's公开课来啦!



My buy target was about 1266 but I think you are right again about 1250. Didn't trade Gold since last year as too much noise. Thank you for the chart
Trader_Joe_Lee UnknownUnicorn2643179
@UnknownUnicorn2643179, You are welcome!
it will take a long time to wait!
Trader_Joe_Lee caopanshou_W
@caopanshou_W, on the way, let's keep waiting yo!
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