XAUUSD**A continuation of last Long set up

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
4531 39
It's a continuation of my last strategy, b4 NFP, a new entry at $1261 was effected, for tg $1284, and next tg to be advised after breaking $1284.
1H chart b4 NFP: i set the estimated entry at $1258 and $1254, but finally $1260 holds well. so i booked small lot for entry at$1261.

Weekly chart:weekly candle see Three White Soldiers , and closed above the trendline are good signals for bull. next tg:$1315-1317

Daily chart: don't forget our bull flag tg:$1289
評論: 1H chart update: Likely will retrace $1274-71
評論: 4H chart update: bull flag tg:$1289 reached!!
交易結束:目標達成: profit taken at $1294.3
評論: 4H chart update:
Likely will retrace $1281-82
交易進行: it's approached my target entry 1282,i open some longs at1285
交易進行: long again @1266
4H chart update: Gold likely bounce to test $1276, then watch whether it can break out, if not will go u-turn here, hope 1265 has priced in rate hike.
評論: next week opening possible retrace $1262
Weekly chart update: will it repeat? It's retraced 61.8% of last two weeks.
評論: 1H chart update:
it finally hit very close to my target entry 2:$1262, but since it has little difference with my 1st entry, i didn't add.
評論: move sl to BE
評論: 4H chart update:
$1252 support level holds well. holding longs from $1254 and looking for a bounce to test $1260. then see how will it goes.
評論: Daily chart update:
the one different thing that i am not sure about is, last time we got Brexit, but this time...don't know what will happen next.
評論: it's broke 1250, stay away from longs
評論: 4H chart update:
It's a false BO.$1250 still holds
評論: Gold price returned to $1241, it's middle level of Y2016-2017.
Tomorrow possible is the date for U-turn,take care!
Daily chart Update:
評論: 4H chart update: Watch resitant level:$1262
評論: daily chart update: potential U turn candle in forming.
評論: watch range:$1248-1262
評論: still holding longs from $1241 &$1250
評論: move sl to BE
評論: Daily chart update:
vix vs gold
評論: took some profits at 1256.88,and holding buys from1241,wait for a retracement to add more buys.
手動結束交易: This was not an accident i think, fortunately i took some profits early today, and the other positions stop out with BE.
Now the down trend in short term will possible continue. just stay out from longs, if you're interested in scalping trade, short from $1243-1245 for tp:$1229-1224
交易進行: buy back $1241
評論: 4H chart update:
watch the resistance at 1246, then, 1252 is the crucial level, bull need to go above this level.
評論: a nice surprise to us that still holding longs, a kind reminder to move sl to BE. whatever it will happen, we've already won.
評論: When EU move too fast, Gold priced by EUR will down, and XAUUSD will be dragged down a little bit, until EU back to normal. that's why we see some div. of XAUUSD and EU
see the chart:
評論: profit taken, and wait for a retracement to buy
評論: 30M chart: see H&S pattern,scalping short from 1246.82 to 1241.5
評論: scalping short tg 1241.5reached,but still no signal to buy
交易進行: 1241.62
評論: long effected,sl 1234
交易進行: longed again 1226
手動結束交易: broke1225,will possible test 1205


Hi faylee .... Maybe the 5th wave has ended at 1225. There could be a little more in this falling wedge.... ????
salsapete salsapete
@salsapete, I'm out of the short at 1225.83 and waiting to see if it flags here....
faylee salsapete
@salsapete, nice! i am wondering it's wxy
@faylee, Could be . I don't know. That's why I'm out. I want to see what price action happens around either wedge channel before committing. :)
wrong ,wrong///
Hi faylee... Thanks for the updated wave count. You have a truncated 5th wave scenario. Could an extended wave 5 be another, with waves 1 and 3 having equal value ?
faylee salsapete
@salsapete, 5th wave not yet confirmed the bottom, it's possible an extended w5 to be happened, but if that so, it's very bearish look. if w5 stopped here, then, it could be a bear trap, good for long set up.
@faylee, thankyou ;)
It was a very sharp move in gold with no news ????? any thoughts. Seems downside momentum has restarted ????thanks salsapete
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