GOLD / Buy Zone

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
Tricky and Hard trading lately as I try to understand what will happen with that 1254. Normal buy opportunities fail quickly indicating that something is missing.
Last sell opportunity didn't go as expected but later on in private trading room ( for Russians only ) we manage to sell at 1282 again once 1284 was broken back by 2 dollars.
So at least now gaining back the Loss and being in the green zone. Those in the room taking the trade should move SL to BE.

It looks to me that we will eventually reach that 1254.
1260 zone is a strong zone where a lot of buyers are participating and by average people use 5$ wide Stops.
So by breaking previous L and Daily Trend Line down, we could trigger those stops.
Breaking down 1260 is a very pure and great Buy recipe as after that zone is broken people jump in heavy sells.

That being said watch for a possible break below 1260 and use the buy zone on the chart to buy Gold             .
I was willing for that to happen faster, but this is more complex and time-consuming as I thought it would be.

Good Luck.
評論: I found some interesting vocals randomly on the internet, sounded pretty well so had to quickly make smth.
評論: This is the final version of me and Tlim Shug collab.
There are other versions that I can't publish because of " all rights reserved " samples.
This is Lofi house at it's best.
Will be out there playing on Boiler Rooms around the Globe in 2018.
Looks like the ship sailed away. Might be waiting for quite a bit of time for the 1254. Not a good year for MC in gold. Maybe time to rejoin JAFR?
TheZabisyu lord_kinbote
@lord_kinbote, show me how good your year was guru :) When sailing through your stuff on TV all I see is thin air in other ppl idea comments. <3
"Will be out there playing on Boiler Rooms around the Globe in 2018." Look me up when in Dubai so we can talk about Metalcruisers clothing line. Gold made me a L on t-shirts would be sweet.
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TheZabisyu lord_kinbote
@lord_kinbote, Hi troll.
TheZabisyu lord_kinbote
@lord_kinbote, Gold made me a L t shirt would be a special edition for you.
@TheZabisyu,Thanks B! How about this one: Maybe we can also setup some free hot air balloon rides and a nail bending contest. Man its gonna be a hoot.
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TheZabisyu lord_kinbote
@lord_kinbote, No sorry not doing business with L life alcoholics :) Better stay here surfing through ideas and trolling hoping for someone to give you a great idea. Thats what slaves are up to as they cant post their own. You have had enough of my precious time so you can go to your basement now :) bye
@TheZabisyu, Oh B, don't be that way :(
"Last sell opportunity didn't go as expected but later on in private trading room" convenient. Didn't happen unless trade posted on tv :)
TheZabisyu lord_kinbote
@lord_kinbote, Like I care what you are saying :) L life.
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