GOLD / Periodic Motion ( Continuation Algorithm )

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This chart is for test purposes.

Since 2015 when I was in latest quant maths trading seminars in Iran I was given materials for study about Numerical continuation ( Continuation Algo )
In Numerical Continuation phase you can analyze only so-called parametric family

We have two who can be counted in this family and they are Gold and Dollar.
Since 2015 I have studied all these materials but never had success with it finding Singular points.
Masters in Iran at this can find laser targeted Singular Points and predict any long-term movement in the current phase.

What we will be looking at is Periodic Motion, since anything is based on Action Reaction.
Last year we had Dollar Action - Gold Reaction.
If I have calculated the Last Singular point correctly then we are in the phase of Gold Action - Dollar Reaction.

Last Dollar Period PLC has moved from Regular Point to ODE phase ( Ordinary differential equation).

In this differential equation state, we should see Periodic motion based on Gold Action - Dollar Reaction.

In this chart Gold and Dollar:

These are my calculated starts of period motion.

Since they are in Parametric Family and they are changing from Dollar Action - Gold Reaction to Gold action - Dollar Reaction, that would mean that We have:

One more up in Dollar ( not sure but can be up to singular point level )
One more down in Gold ( not sure but can be down to singular point level )

In other words, Dollar now become a mirror ( reaction ) of last years gold ( reaction )
Which equals to Gold Action - Dollar Reaction.

Then Drop in Dollar and more powerful up in gold .

Here is Wikipedia Material about Numerical continuation.

Once again this is for test purposes, I am an intraday trader and I trade based on Transitions and Difference between Dollar Resistance / Gold Support, long term is not my field, I am just working on a long term to master it and add to my arsenal.

Good Luck.

評論: Let's not forget we have PV 1430, oldest followers know what I am referring to.
評論: Dollar is doing well exactly what I want to see. But Gold is late... That ruins situation a bit. Since Dollar crossed some sensitive sentiments and gold is late to do it, that is opening more interesting stuff for us.
We could experience them both moving up. Both Gold and Dollar.
I don't know what can cause it, but it can happen. Gold up together with Dollar - rally.
Very complex calculations though. Will keep an eye on this.
評論: Looking at this chart, so far everything looks just like Periodic motion should look like.
Dollar Did well, but gold is slower.

As you can see here:

So now let's take a look at Dollar Chart when it was posted:

And see it went up one more ( to the Singular point ) and Drop.

Let's see Gold ( Press play button )
We had one down to the Singular point as well un upward move.

So far so good, let's see how it goes.
Don't forget we have our looong term target 1430$ on Gold.

So far I like how it goes as analyzed, and wish to see how it will develop in next couple months.
Back to intraday meanwhile.
How can I Understand This? I read the whole thing thrice but to no avail. Where to start?
I am the TradingView Korea Manager, ehaerim, and would like to translate your good work to introduce to Korean traders.
Can you please explain all the acronyms you used here?
VL1 and VL2
Also would be great if you can explain about what Regular/Singular Point means.
And how to find parametric family members.

TheZabisyu ehaerim
@ehaerim, MDCIP - Monomial Difference Center ( Inner Phase )
PV - Permanent Volume
MDCP - Monthly Distribution Constant Point
VL1 / VL2 - Variable Low
PLC - Percentile of Lower Constant.

Ehaerim, thanks for showing interest in my chart, You can understand this analysis only if you have knowledge about quant mathematics. If I will try to explain it will convert from just a comment to a whole e-book here.
I hope you understand.
ehaerim TheZabisyu
@MetalCruisers, yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I just wondered if you had your own easier way to explain it. Anyway, thx.
Thank you Bruno for update
All the Best Trade with u King BRUNOOO
TheZabisyu boyuniqueray
@boyuniqueray, I like that BRABUS in your picture. I really Do. lol
+1 回覆
boyuniqueray TheZabisyu
If I go with this speed, maybe I will do it after 10 years.. :)
Interesting B. A bit advanced notation for us non-mathematicians though. Very funny though, I was looking at gold structure the other day to see what "stood" out as the most central areas, and the area with the two MDCP levels to your left screamed all over the place, however, I ended up in the space below them, on Yaxis close to 900 level ish, I must have been high lol :) Nice post
TheZabisyu Viking83
@Viking83, :*
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