GOLD: Speculative Setup

FX:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
2695 15

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You were a few days early but now TPs 1 & 2 were achieved last night and we just pulled back to resistance level at 1074-75. Do you have a current opinion? I was short last night at 1084.5 and now flat.
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SignalSwiss CoolCreekCTA
hi CoolCreekCTA, next our updates about gold, are available only in our "private forum"... sorry...
TP stands for ??? Friday's breakout hits your TP2 bang on. Where to now?
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Like you, I am just browsing charts to see what other people I respect r doing. I was 1 day early on my buy of gold, but I went short last night at 1084.5, took profit at 1074.
TP stands for target price. I don't have a new trade idea to share right now. Will just watch to see if gold can rally back to 1081, likely resistance area, and go from there.
Good luck
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You could be right here. Gold's rise certainly stalled today in Asian trading. Comex slam down on the cards tonight.
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thanks for your chart. I would like to add : the Fed is preparing an increase in IR which brings downward pressure on gold. SL are really mandatory if you think to go long.
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it was worth a try!
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CoolCreekCTA marcus123
it 'was' or 'is' worth a try?
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CoolCreekCTA CoolCreekCTA
I bot @ 1055.9, will use 1052.3 as stop, hope Yellen doesn't spook the mkt tomorrow, she cud cause it to rally, might need to go flat over night
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