GOLD - Sir, can we sell?

OANDA:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
9125 84
Yes. I think this is the time to sell again.
While we might have one more pop up to the daily 200 SMA at 1232-33$ gold should be ready to break the support of 1214$.
Have some dry powder for that final bounce to 1233$ in the next 24 hrs but I don't want to risk getting left behind so I re-entered into the short position here at 1228,5$.

After we tagged the 50 EMA everything looked perfect : RSI oversold, bounce, bear flag , tag of the 50 EMA , rollover, breakdown to new lows.
But I told you banksters are back to the game after the holiday so the nasty games started again:
- Breakdown halted.
- Price reversed from the breakdown.
- Breaking above the 50 EMA and the previous bear flag top.

Now we can assume that everybody stopped out so the decline is back to normal and we follow the original plan.
New SHORT entry at 1228,5$
Target : 1198$

評論: Stop run in silver in the previous hour. 2$ down in a minute.
評論: It's not a mistake. I checked it on 4 platforms.
評論: These Bankster's are not shy.
評論: "chartwatchers PRO 777trades Jul 6
@777trades, Summer NFP usually strong. After the weak May this should be above 200k
+3 Reply"
評論: Even if you figure out the data market can trick you...
評論: chartwatchers PRO 777trades Jul 6
@777trades, Summer NFP usually strong. After the weak May this should be above 200k
+3 Reply
評論: It was strange that we bounced, I was waiting for an immediate breakdown.
評論: But at the end of the day patience pays out.
評論: So all who is still with me ...
We have to watch this brakdown very carefully. DUe to my cycle count we are getting late in the daily cycle . I don't plan to get beartrapped in this breakdown.

If this reverses we are out of the shorts.
評論: Below 1214 we are having a failed daily cycle.
評論: I'm happy to announce the failed daily cycle.
評論: And here we go. We entered the panic selling.
Will last for only a few days but as short as painful for the longs.
Enjoy profits.

We will be buying soon. (Next week or the week after that)

you are the best analysis... we would love to put our money in your funds, if you have any
Ok Arpi so your view is that this will be the final DCL. Im of the view that we still have one more daily cycle. If you look on the miners the decline has not been severe enough and today there is buying on weakness. I think the gold will bounce very soon maybe 1200 lowest but that will not be the ICL. Another dead cat then a quick drop below 1200. Whats your view?
Thank You!
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Amazing analysis, thanks for you work!
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Wow, this was impressive! I salut you Arpi. Thanks!
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Maybe is too early to feast?
Bulls wants to push over 1214 again!
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I have watched you since you put up the other chart which was a buy one. You are one of the few gifted chart analyst. I have to say "THANK YOU" for sharing with us.

Stay green always
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You have absolutely crushed these gold trades! And must have made great profits in the process!!!!!
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I've thinned to 25% position on DUST. I know there are couple days left in the panic cycle, but I could no longer stare at 40% profit on a full position and not take some off the table. GDX sometimes anticipates the bottom before gold, so I'm taking some to the bank. Thank you very much Arpi. A great series of ideas to help everyone SEE the gold cycle as it progressed. Your faith in the cycle helped me hold positions and get to this. Definitely a WIN this cycle.
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Good job
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