This 2017 time cycle analysis of fear and uncertainty (driven by BB/scaling debate) followed by resolution and new all time highs looks to repeat and set to continue through to the segwit 2xActivation which will inevitably create FUD.

We look to be in a FIVE WEEK run up towards $7k in September ahead of Segwit rhetoric probably seeing some profit taking along the way, followed by another TWO MONTH consolidation and blastoff early November after hard-fork resolution giving us another FIVE WEEKS at the end of the year to an all time high of around $10k.

BTC loves to dump in the new year so we could see that magic 10k 15k would be the absolute tops and a big sell off.

Things seem to be falling in to place gents 4.61% .

Enjoy and trade with care.

Happy to discuss 1/1 viaDM
Follow me on twitter for daily charts .
評論: $10k still on
評論: im a bit dubious if we get another leg up but if we do itl probably look something like this
評論: Congrats on smashing 10k!
Lol This is crazy! :D
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Yep...time traveler here guys
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@kikadstt, All his charts are like this, I come on here to specifically check his work. Im long on Phil.
filbfilb you great. doubt you time traveler
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Awesome chart + analysis. Do you might updating the same chart extending into 2018 by years end? Keep it up :)
filbfilb jack_denaut
@jack_denaut, Thanks Jack. I dont have enough information about the fundimenatls to do a detailed chart yet, but this is the general outlook

Always great chart analysis. Thank you
One of my favourite traders :)
@asam, Thank you for the kind words!
Nice drawing, love it. 10000? I will take it, thank you very much.
@sifeij, thanks. Seems insane. $6500 seemed insane this time last year tho!
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