BITCOIN - WAVE 1 COMPLETE . Get ready for take off

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
Whats up traders,

An updated chart on my previous idea . We seen an good run in bitcoin from the bottom and breaking the longterm uptrend line. The volume for the breakout was not great and we saw bearish divergence on multiple indicators which led to this crash.

I don't think this crash is nearly over and we have some way to the bottom. I labelled the bottom at around the fib at 9,200 thus completing wave 1 of this cycle . We might go through an accumulation period before hand but we are only gaining strength for this rise to the top .

*If you find this information useful please do your own research.


Cleaner images , better targets.

Calling for a last down to complete wave 5 of the down that will lead to 9,600-9500 . which is the 236 fib retracement , 20 MA and pitchfork median.

be safe!

bearish harmonic butterfly pattern

This may be the end of wave 2 . harmonic pattern failed to break down and we seen an up .

looking bullish
Whats up guys, we got the bounce we were looking for at the 20MA and I called it out perfectly.

If we can maintain the uptrend for the next couple of days i am certain we are out of wave 2 then onto our target of 16.6k .

Thank you, and trade safe
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