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Hello guys! Previous iH&S played out perfectlly. If this H&S playes out we would fall into a perfect iH&S on a bigger time frame.

Check pic 1 H&S
Check pic 2 iH&S updated

Correct the bottom line, I think it looks better.
評論: We went down pretty hard in the past few hours. Looking to bounce somewhere around 10350-10100 range. I will not be surprised if we rise again from that point or drop even lower to high 9k and then bounce back to around 10860$ range, I expect a fall when we reach that point...
評論: as of now, its playing out pretty perfectlly! May also be forming a small H&S here...I am adding to the short at around 10790 if it plays out...

for now the big picture is playing out almost like a prediction of the future...

Who ever shorted this must be feeling great! I know I am!! Closing my short around 9.2k mark, but we could go down even further to 8.8k...
評論: Looking for the reversal when RASI 4h will be under 30 and dailly should be bellow 40...we have some more hours maybe days of overall down movement...
評論: I have my order in...

If now iH&S plays out we should reach 14k, which would mean we are out of the bearish trend and full bull mode. Be aware of the next points 10.120$, 11.200(the trend line from the fall before xmass), if we breach that is 11.8k, 13k and 14k are the targets if iH&S play out!

Here is my dailly chart if we get rejected by first two points:
We may possibly reach the end of the 2 day downtrend and are moving higher...on a 15 min time frame it formed a pretty beautiful iH&S that guys in the group pointed out. and could also be the catalyst for this huge iH&S. This doesnt mean we will straight sky rocket up. But the bigger time frames have room to grow now and could well see bulls taking control again. Especially be aware of the descending huge wedge.Everytime we are up there and cant be outside of the frame for at least 4h or more preferablly, we could be making a step down in price. So if we reached 9.2 now we will probablly see 8.8 or lower next time. If we cross past 10.5k ish mark I think we have a good chance bulls are in control and we may sky rocket (prediction from 15.3-15.4).

The guys who are margin trading hope you made some nice gains. my portfolio sky rocketed by 350% in the last 6 days. #happytrading ;)

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