XEM Long term trade

Hello Friends,

Please find the XEM long-term view.

1) Listed in Binance means more volume .
2) We have made the double bottom around 3000 SATs twice which is a sign of coin reaching the bottom. And a decent bounce of 3000 SATs from 5600 SATs is a good sign that price has reached the bottom.

3) Volume is good.

So my trade is
Buy on the neck line : 3640 SATs

Target 1: 4200 SATs
Target 2: 5600 SATs
Target 3: 10000 SATs (once broken the neckline at 5600, expect a pullback and the price could move to 10000 SATs .)

Sl : 2800 SATs

Risk Reward for this trade, 800 SATs : 6360 SATs , 1: 8
評論: Disclaimer: This is my trade, taking the trade is your in interest and risk.
評論: SL for short term hit,

But the Long-term trade still holds good.
評論: XEM is going as expected. Break of neckling at 5500-5800 SATs can take the price to 10000 SATs
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3 Commos.

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Just be aware that Coincheck's hacker is still around and very active. Nem's foundation had to remove wallet tracking (stolen_funds mosaic) for Binance to accept Xem's listing. This means the hacker is now free to dump its remaining 100 - 150 million of coins. With the new volume offered by binance it shouldn't be too long, probably a few days so the price may drop a little more before going north again.
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maheswar81 moldmoldmold
@moldmoldmold, Great insight, let me find that and post it. How sure are you that NEM's foundation has not removed the wallet tracking.
moldmoldmold maheswar81
@maheswar81, Coincheck's refund has been handled in the past week but the hacker still has several millions of coins left. When the coins were stolen, Nem's foundation made use of the feature called Mosaic in Nem's blockchain to mark the hacker's wallet with a stolen_funds mosaic. Nem's foundation then asked exchanges to not accept stolen coins. Not all exchanges played the game, so the hacker would send his funds to those exchanges, sell there or send to clean wallets to then transfer to other exchanges, his washed coins.
His was also directly selling coins on the darkweb for a 30% discount, but the stolen_funds mosaic would lend on the buyer's wallet.
Now that Nem foundation had to remove the stolen_fund mosaic, everyone is free to dump. He already dumped 75% in spite of all the obstacles, so the end is near.
I know this because closely following the team, the news, and was tracking the hacker's wallet since right after the hack(thank you blockchain).
I think Nem is one the best crypto projects and am holding some. But just be aware that it MIGHT drop a little more. Even with the HUGE buying pressure from the japanese.
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maheswar81 moldmoldmold
@moldmoldmold, Thanks for more info mate.
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