XLM/BTC - Buy priority

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Good buy opportunity on XLM
評論: Buy priority is still valid on 4H.
Next support levels are 5080 and 4800.
Break down 4750 will cancel the scenario.
評論: XLM is still in buy priority.
Now is good opportunity to buy - support level 5000
交易進行: 4800 is last good support to buy with a little stop, good risk/reward ratio from this level. stop - 4590
Nice work man. my guess is that the trend will break. That is the longest upward trend XLM had in a long time. But will know in a few hours...
@YHRW, I think few hours is too tight time to confirm downtrend, I would say few days.
YHRW Samppa290
@Samppa290, You are right but the volume is decrising (as I suspected) which is leading me to bealve that ppl are looking for profits elsewhere, again its not a done deal...

In any case it looks like Fair-x beta annaocemnt may be Just around the corner (some time in February) so even If we will see the trand breaks violently (And I am not sure it will be violent break), I think there will be a strong upward corction based on ppl expectations.

Bottom line is XLM should be in everybody's "coins to watch" list.
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nice work :)
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