BEAUTIFUL CHART: Stellar in Supernova Explosion?! (XLMBTC)

BINANCE:XLMBTC   Stellar Lumens / Bitcoin
Dear Crypto-Family!

Have you ever gazed up into the clear night sky on a dark and starry night, and just wondered about the vastness of it all. Felt that overcoming feeling of insignificance, as you realize how tiny and short our lives, our planet, and our star really is? The sky seems so vast, so exciting and some times so beautiful.

Stellar , Stellar .... Wow!

We are now taking a look at the 4h XLMBTC Chart! Let D4 just give it to you right away. This chart is so BEAUTIFUL. Everything is just in harmony, like the planets in our Solar-system orbiting our Sun. And suddenly out of nowhere, if we are lucky we might see a Supernova-explosion in another Galaxy billions of light years away. Will we also see that happen to Stellar? Let's dig in.

First of all D4 wants you take notice of the blue Elliott Waves . As you can see we have one impulse wave up, and a PERFECT 61,8 % retracement on EW2. We are now climbing the ladder on EW3. We have found BEAUTIFUL support on the uptrend line starting from the bottom of the first wave.

D4 also wants you to pay attention to the sub-waves.They just follow all the Elliott Wave rules to perfection. And THEN we have the big inverse head and shoulder pattern matching like a piece in a puzzle, which can help us even higher.

Stellar has a perfect opportunity to ride the wave up to heaven. Will it succeed? Will we be witnessing a beautiful Stellar explosion in the sky or will it be a dud?

D4 loves you <3

Remember to give A BIG LIKE, my dear friends. Thanks in advance :)
評論: WOW, Still so BEAUTIFUL! Look how we once again had a PERFECT sub-subwave retracement on Fibonacci level 61,8 %!

Let's see if we will end with a Supernova explosion at the end of EW3 or if Stellar must give up on it's way.

Please give a BIG like, my dear friends <3 It really means a lot to me. THANK you SO much :)


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update? or just keep us in the D4rk?

check this out
i just purchased cost ave .181
ouch ! 17 ~ lol
Your dark energy keeps all the bulls away :>
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Stellar is not going anywhere in the sense of price zooming. One, they are a non-profit, not wanting to make money. Two, they have declared they are flooding the market with Stellar for the next nine years. Thus a huge supply keeps coming into the market. Third, you can do a thousand transactions only needing 1 stellar to do it = no demand even if banks/consumers would switch over to it. Explains why it is at 29 cents right now and not up there with a coin such as LTC at $186 or similar coin.
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@JohnKer, You do understand that a non profit makes profit right? A thousand transaction with 1 "XLM" is because fees are so low. They are giving away XLM for free for a very specific reason. There are about 1,200x more XLM in circulation than LTC. Simple supply and demand! That should answer all your questions!
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@JohnKer, Keep your LTC for you. Give me XLM.
Lets see how the King moves before the stellar rocket. Thanks D4, love your work
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