XLM LONG Opportunity (200%+ Potential)

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
I had a chart for XLM             a while back, but that trade has been closed now for a while.
A a new opportunity just came up when XLM             bounced from support and broke some resistance line.

Buy in: 870 satoshis

Stop: 710 satoshis

(1) 1120 satoshis
(2) 1900 satoshis

All the indicators are giving bullish signals, that is why I am posting this trade idea, even though I am not opening a trade at the moment.

This is a long trade.
Trade at your own risk.
Only invest money that you can afford to lose.
DIVERSIFY (Don't put all of your eggs in one basket).

And remember... YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

As you can see, in crypto-world, opportunities are ENDLESS.
交易進行: Stop-loss: (0.00000710) 710 satoshis.

If the price didn't hit the number above, TRADE STILL ACTIVE.
交易進行: XLMBTC is trending positive.
Buy-in zone. So you can feel free to buy in anytime.

評論: Double channel for XLM (Double channel? Does that even exist?)
Well, it does now...

交易進行: XLM just broke out of both channels, in 1hit:

評論: Targets:
(1) 1120 satoshis *** TARGET DESTROYED ***
(2) 1900 satoshis *** NEXT TARGET ***
評論: If you placed your sell order as recommend, your purchase was filled and you should be holing a huge bag of money right now. We are talking about over 50% profit on this trade in 3 days.
評論: Raise stop loss to 890.
評論: We are back in the channel:
評論: Guys, you can try and reload on the "green" line (1027). More or less won't make any change, the second target is double that.

評論: Perhaps you found this analysis really useful, and you might, Yes or No, want to support me. Please do so...

Your support, tips/donations/gifts, are highly valued and appreciated. NOW AND ALWAYS.

Your gift will support more fully updated and strong, safe, simple, positive and profitable trade ideas, designed and described specially for easy use... YES... and for those that do not have the time to do the research and analysis themselves.

Perhaps, you want to send BTC, LTC, ETH or any other coin now, any amount, if you want to... and if that is what you would like to do... now.

All help is highly appreciated, by me, and YOU, because you know that many people can benefit from these ideas.

Use the following addresses to send your TIPS / GIFTS:

BTC: 1FuixEqRubccPr9RxZpFTRAzXhwS4j2Qh3
BTC: 3FqDfKbgRkym98G2PvJn8v8C7LQ3D41aeA
BCH: 1QHoxyb6eWeTUJQ7umFUSKcCZCGckfx14H
LTC: Ldqto38KKv2wibUBqdaEYN6k7EDMAfBbqm
ETH: 0xb0212a2338eaebd110adc5ca254e23396cc88cd2
ETC: 0x7374fccf45b20f68f444b654402c22246165a366

XLM (Need memo or won't reach me):
Memo: 41803c92bdc24b5cbbd

Note: If your favorite coin is not on the list, send me a message and I'll send you the address for the coin you want to send now.

Thanks for the tips / gifts / donations.
評論: The next target is: 1900 (feel free to sell whenever you want)

評論: XLM update: I don't see a buy set up for XLM for now. So I wouldn't recommend any purchase at the moment.

The charts are not giving us clear signals, so the risk is higher than what we would want to make a move.

Here is the chart:
交易進行: XLM is giving out many bullish signals. Feel free to position yourself for a ride tomorrow.
交易進行: Double channel broken:
交易進行: The blue border line of the channel is the new support zone, you can use this level to buy/reload if you wish to do so. Also, if you want to swing trade, you can use this line as reference. Price 1361

1h Chart:
評論: This is the last day of up, tomorrow XLM will retrace, according to the daily chart, the TD count, and the candles showing a big stick, the price is about to reverse.

評論: XLM 1 Day chart is still bullish, but candle formation is pointing to a reversal (going down), or correction.

Based on this, I would be thinking of closing my position with XLM or at least selling a portion of my coins.

交易進行: You can keep this trade active. XLM is holding strong.
交易結束:目標達成: If you joined this trade with me, you should be looking at around 150 to 180% profits. CONGRATULATIONS, Payments always pays.

Now, this trade is closed because we reached our targets. This does not mean that XLM is dead, nor that you have to sell all your coins, nor anything like that. It only means that our goals have been reached and I am no longer following this trade.

If I were to take more action on XLM, I will open a new trade ideas, with new buy in range, stop loss, etc. Understand this please.

When it comes to this trade idea. CLOSED.

(1) 1120 satoshis *** TARGET REACHED ***
(2) 1900 satoshis *** TARGET REACHED *** @ 29th December.
評論: Looks like XLM is on a very strong run but some indicators are signaling the end of this fun. So you can start planning your exit strategy, maybe you still have a few more days, but when the correction happens, it will happen fast and if you are not prepared, you can make mistake.

So plan ahead. - Private &VIP - Cryptocurrency trading learning platform, for advanced and beginners alike.

- Support on Telegram @alanmastersupport


Mantra: Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem
Any fresh perspective on XLM? Thanks.
+3 回覆
@alanmasters what do you think will it go up more or is this the start of the downtrend
+1 回覆
Sky rocketing..i sold at 4318 :v
+1 回覆
please up this coin .. thank you
+1 回覆
I wonder if this will make the value of the XLM increase...
+1 回覆
dsmaceiras dsmaceiras
@dsmaceiras, And
Do you have a downside correction price Alan??
ouch here we go
In my opinion this coin is a long term hold. IBM has commercials everyday talking about blockchain tech, Lumens is actively apart of their blockchain effort. Short term you may be able to sell to a cheaper buy in, but this one is the real deal.
+4 回覆
I bought in XLM at 0.00002512 and sold at 0.00003552 :(
If there were a re-entry point what would you think that would be? Or should I just let it go... thnx
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