BITTREX:XLMUSD   Lumen / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
1793 22
I played a few positions here over New Years Eve and New Years Day and was able to gain about 20% overall on my portfolio, but lost about 10% of it because I was late getting out of this trade. However, back into BTC heavy now, while it is stable and other alts are still a little down. BTC seems safe for today, until the alt rallies begin.
評論: I need to update this one.. hmm.. maybe I should buy in while we wait for XRP to start the rally.

評論: impossible to TA this one, but if I took a shot in the dark, I'd say this.

評論: Before this happens we have to see where the consolidation ends up and look for the next target. This is a complete shot in the dark, just guessing. If I took a best guess it would be $2.50 target after a short consolidation or sideways period.
評論: BTW, I expect all ALT's to start a rally today in about 3 hours after BTC futures open.. or shortly after. Target $46k BTC by Jan 16 or Feb 8th. Everything else should boom due to new money coming in.
評論: Bah, I can't even chart this.. it's going crazy.

評論: possible correction before more upward..
評論: Looks like it's right at my 409% mark, where I recalculated. This means after flagging for a bit, we'll have a new target +409% to $3.19.

TRX is about to run into a major sell wall as well. Resistance. Get out before it drops. It was a good run.

Thank You for the TRX warning!
Cheers for sharing man really appreciate it. Salute
Loving XLM right now... to the moon
should i sell all my btc and get into alts? if its true
siddieboy siddieboy
@siddieboy, also if btc would rise because of futures won't all the alts go down?
Thank you, Tin.Foil

Can the new BTC Futures not face the same situation as old one: traders started shorting so BTC did not grow beyond 18k and actually came down to 15k?
Tin.Foil scac1041
@scac1041, Never short a bull market. Give them time, they will learn that we are in a bull market, even though there is a lot of negative BS out there. Once they realize, expect futures to go sky high.
btc futures??what is that?
Could you please please do an analysis on Tron and Cardano? Tia
Tin.Foil CryptoFTW069
@CryptoFTW069, I can't find Tron on Tradingview.. I wish I could find it.
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