XRP/XBT,BTC,XRPM18 - Still Bearish

Whats up Guys,

Slight Deviation from my earlier chart on Ripple, posted this morning - I misread it as a follower pointed out. However, it is STILL looking bearish , my timing was just off -

Im showing a bear flag on the chart - Indicators not as solid as they were with the Bitcoin - so, as usual we're looking for some solid confirmations before making a move.

Lets set alerts for closed bars below the lower level of support of the purple bear flag i painted.

Ten Likes and I will update the chart
Intelligent disagreement welcome
Good Luck - See you on the trading floors


#Crypto #BTC #cryptocurrency

Twitter @willn12416

評論: New Twitter Address:
Twitter @WillNixxx
It could be patterning out a bullish ascending triangle! Let's see how this thing plays out
Ripple moving same with btc, it is normal it is bearish!
WillN12416 Man1di5buk3
@Man1di5buk3, I'm not insulting ripple - I'm pointing out trading opportunities, and signals - I agree that the alts generally mimic the moves of Bitcoin - Its why i prefer to trade purely BTC / USD pair...its the rising tide that lifts (and lowers) all ships.

All else, equal - ripple will break down through the bear flag ive identified and there will be a solid trade opportunity -

I will update the chart when I enter a trade.
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