BITTREX:XRPBTC   瑞波幣 / 比特幣
Attention! This is not a recommendation or a signal to buy!
This is my notebook about "How can Ripple go".
Ripple can go by path, which I drew on the chart.

Technical analysis . Ripple was following Elliot's five-wave wave, and then broke the curve at the top. If you look at 3hr timeframe, you may notice, that the "head and shoulders" pattern is looking through. This means that Ripple goes down. BUT! Ripple will always grows by the news. Remember this, because this is a very important factor.

Fundamental analysis . On January 26 will be a large blockchain conference in the US and China. This is very good news, which will give us a good profit in the mid term. Follow Ripple, because "mini news" gives him the chance to do + 10-20% in a minutes.

Physically, Ripple exists only because of its blockchain.
Technically, this coin has no fundamentals for being in the top 5 cryptocurrency.
Ripple is used only for transactions between banks. This is a centralized coin (!). Nobody needs it, but people can not understand it!

- Large capitalization
- Large emission
- this is not a cryptocurrency (centralized)

- blockchain

P.S, if my recommendations are helpful for you, then follow and like me. Because with my help you can make a huge money like me! :)
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