Riding XRP Fib Waves; Easy Multiplier When Holding XRP

XRP has been going through a series of pump-ups with small corrections each time and seems to be following a fib pattern. If you sell and buy at the right times you can get an easy-profit. This has worked for me in this last pump-up. Just a matter of when it will stop following this pattern. I am guessing it will begin to break apart after .00014 fib level then keep rising or come back down. If it does keep rising I'd imagine it would only be temporary and it would make it up to .00017 as a quick peak before dropping (I've seen this in many other crypto graphs). This is probably caused by people jumping in at the last minute tying to grab a profit at its final peak.

I am currently sold;
Next buy @0.000080: Dec 30th
Then sell @0.000112: Jan 1st
Then buy @0.000092: Jan 3rd
Then pay attention to the graph at @0.00014 and sell when ready: Approx. Jan 5-6th

Obviously this is not guaranteed so make sure you still pay attention to the charts when bought into XRP; this will be an interesting occurrence if it works out.
Placing stop losses below each buy-in point is a nice safety, you can update the stop losses as it climbs.

I also now have coin recommendations on discord:
And a place to request new analysis of coins:
If you support my TA and it works out well please consider donating to support the time spent on tradingview and discord. :)
評論: Obviously if you are worried about missing out and you are trading with large volumes this method doesn't have to be used; you can just hold and let it rise. I like to see how I could potentially maximize my investment due to the generally low volumes I am able to trade. I am also very interested in fib sequences and matching coherence as I think it is interesting (What I research before I started on tradingview).
And now...haha ;) im glad I hodled
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@Bkay1896, ;P depending on your methods you can set buy stops and sell stops if you feared missing out. That is why I advised to use them, I wonder if it will bounce off of 0.786
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One question. How safe it is to trade your pairs with BTC as the base, since BTC is extremely volatile? Isn't a safer base EUR, USD or Theter?
@dregos, I would say still safe, I do, but you can trade with safer bases such as you mentioned if you like :)
@dregos, Bitcoins price only affects the U.S.D. amount. The only other thing is people pulling there money out of the trade. Regardless if BTC goes up or down the traded price in satoshi is what is important!
Interesting idea. I've also been wondering if it might have formed an Elliot wave 1,2,3,4,5 pattern and be ready for an A,B,C correction.
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@sgallen, I'd be interested to see it if you post an idea :)
sgallen thomas58700
@thomas58700, I took a shot. Thanks for sharing your ideas, btw. I'm very green and it helps to see other people's analyses.
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@sgallen, Thanks for posting; checked it out! :)
fzero93 sgallen
@sgallen, This is where I currently stand as well. I just sold as I think it is at the end of wave 5 and the RSI is seeing lower highs.
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