XRP cup and Handle Formation

BINANCE:XRPBTC   瑞波幣 / 比特幣
Cup and Handle forming on XRP, a great buy opportunity for opportunists...
評論: See this chart for buying range..
交易進行: Entering the buying range..
評論: Now, the most important part of bull.. Pullback.. it needs to come near the cup height before entering the bull.................
評論: Cup was formed, handle was perfect, but there was no pullback. So, TECHNICALLY the trade is cancelled.
If there will be anything will PUBLISH a new chart on it..
I sold mine at 16000 -17000 sats, regretted didnt sell at 20,000 sats.
Do u think i should wait for it to dip further and then buy? will XRP grow again in your opinion?
now its stable at 17,800 sats.
ArihantAhuja vanessa01
@vanessa01, Firstly, DONT REGRET... Crytos are too volatile, everything you need is a safe exit.. it went 20 but who knows. Bitcoin can literally crush every other coin and it has the power.. So DONT REGRET.
Secondly, if using technical analysis properly, cup and handle is bullish, but you have to wait for the completion of handle and then the breakout, there one should buy..
Finally, if you wanna play safe.. Too safe.. wait for completion and also the breakout of previous high.. Then buy.. If this happens, it is gonna grow wild.
All the Best.. :)
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vanessa01 ArihantAhuja
@ArihantAhuja, so u meant if i wanna re-enter, wait till the handle completes - at the grey area box (buy-in range 12k-14k)? now is at 19k sats.. Does the game change or it might correct somemore?
Thanks so much for the encouragement!
ArihantAhuja vanessa01
@vanessa01, if you wanna play safe buy when it breaks previous high.. if wanna try risky part, you can wait, coz i hope there is one more dip incoming...
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ArihantAhuja vanessa01
@vanessa01, Anyways just wait for either another dip, or break of previous high... Never get greedy by seeing others..
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vanessa01 ArihantAhuja
@ArihantAhuja, haha you read my mind! (abt the greed /fomo part lol) yeah i went to google more of what you meant, on cup and handle formation.. so sorry for asking the qns, i'm a newbie at this, thanks for the explanation! Are you waiting for the dip personally?
ArihantAhuja vanessa01
@vanessa01, yeah, i can read mind by the type of text written. (X-men). Not a good one though..
Jokes apart, Personally yes, i am just watching for the dip, if it didnt dip, then will re-buy after breaking previous high..
No need to be sorry, if you want any help. Feel free to ask.
vanessa01 ArihantAhuja
@ArihantAhuja, read it up! thanks thanks :) good luck to you too ya . thanks for being so kind to me (:
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nice call!
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