XRP/BTC - Talk About Bottomless Pit!

Really quick video on XRP / BTC paring since it's been over a week since i updated.

In a nutshell, price action has played out exactly as I expected and mentioned in the last video. IT"S GOING DOWN. In that previous video, I mentioned that I thought price action just wanted to move back to the 200EMA on the Daily chart and that appears to be exactly what it's doing. We are only about 300-400 satoshis off from hitting that and my guess.... we are going to hit it.

Brightside... we could see a good bounce back up, but it will probably be short lived just considering how this pair moves. Who knows right!

I will say... at this level, I think this is great buying ops for myself, but don't take my word for it.

I hope you enjoyed... give a like and let me know what you think about XRP paring with BTC .
good stuff, keep it coming :-)
Crypto_Sid PedroBlanco
@PedroBlanco, Thanks
I love your videos.......Im always looking out for them everytime I log on. I did notice however in your last two videos that I could barely hear you and found myself reaching for my ear buds. Just thought you would want to know...........Again great work. Hope you keep it up
Crypto_Sid cjpsurf
@cjpsurf, Glad you like them... i figured they might be on the quite side. My wife was sleeping, so i was trying not to be to loud when recording. ha
cjpsurf Crypto_Sid
@Crypto_Sid, Happy Wife Happy life! So I hear anyhow...Im not married but that is what my brother tells me
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