Ripple still BEARISH!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Hi guys,
So As you can see, Ripple failed to make any new higher highs for the past few days after a major bull run. For now, I'm staying away from it, unless it gives me a strong bullish sign (trade above $2.8).

First target $2.15

Good luck! - Abdulla
評論: Support broken.
評論: Watch out for these moving average, if 50 and 200 MA cross it is a strong bearish sign!
評論: Target 1 reached!
評論: MA update.
評論: As I have mentioned above, the similar pattern happened.
評論: Moving Averages almost crossing over!
評論: Ripple next target $1.6.
評論: Ripple is still bearish - don't get trapped :)
評論: I get a lot of questions on Ripple and my thoughts on it. The technical analysis I posted a few days ago is still active, and Ripple is still in a bearish mode. The current target is $1.6, can it go lower? Yes. What is the best price to buy? I can't tell unless we get some indications that it is ready for a bullish move (which we don't have yet). Good luck! - Abdulla
@AAlFadhala Any update? Xrp looks like in consolidation phase?
@AAlFadhala Spot on analysis and prediction!! Now that the xrp price is dragging between $1.5 - $1.6. What do you expect next? Still bearish or potential signs of bull?
Jeez... That's spot on... Unfortunately I was trapped before I read this
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updates please?
Classic pump and dump.
I think the support its getting now at $1.85-$1.90 is a good sign?
Hey guys, is there any common sense for a realistic bottom/turnover point? To me it looks still like ongoing price destruction...
Good TA and very accurate, but still not the time to buy yet it i assume ?
spot on
Thank you for your chart and analytic
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