XRPUSD pot leg up

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評論: looks good
評論: booooooooooooom
評論: 500%
評論: 600%
評論: 800% ..
評論: 1000%
評論: 1200%
評論: 1600%
評論: 1750%
just HODL until becoming a millionaire.
when it will drop
BLUE43 MidoAshraf7
@MidoAshraf7, no idea
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I know the XRP system is stressed. While moving XRP from a wallet to an exchange to sell, I saw the XRP network behave in a pretty scary way. The balances were wrong (0), the confirmations showed error codes etc.
I'm glad I got some to the exchange to sell but even the exchanges are stressed and function poorly when volume is crazy!
BLUE43 BVM1917
@BVM1917, im technical trader i dont look for other stuff except technical

Under-signed calls on the IOC to recognize Ripple as an official cryptomade of the 2020 Olympics
@BLUE43 What do you think about tenx pay ??
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nice work - and if we overshoot - new paradigm? cause XRP is hoarding central bankers, Amex behind... who knows
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Thanks for the analysis. I was waiting for this since Nov 3.
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