XRPUSD Correction Complete

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Unfortunately, because of lacking experience of XRP investors panic selling cause a 50>% drop in XRP over the past week.

Now that this correction has ended, exchanges are buying large amounts of XRP in order to full profits and potentially adding XRP to their roster.

I expect that in the next 1-2 weeks significant volume will flood XRP again and carry it consistently to a new ATH .

HODL baby.
I believe this is a great post, not sensationalist at all. XRP should be at least over the $2 level given it's movement downward was due mostly by incorrect news reporting about Asia banning crypto's (which is laughable anyone believed that. Asia is regulating crypto's which should be great news, not bad news). Also, due to the Chinese New Year the crypto market historically drops each year at a low around January 12 to 16th, then rebounds. Check the last 3 years to see exactly this fact. We are definately now in a rebound and their are still a lot of discounted prices out there. Of course the prices will fluctuate up and down, however it's an upward trend now. If trading in this market, make sure you are prepared to lose 50% at any moment (If you sell out on the dips that is).
OACFX RichardBranson
@RichardBranson, Thanks richard. Yes the lows seen in 2/3 week of January has been highlighted in Cryptos over the last few years BTC especially.

I'd like to see a rebound above 2$ this week. Especially couple with another strategy this should come true.
Are you sure? please this sensationalist post should be deleted, the movement haven been confirmed until we pass 1.75. Seems thats not gonna happened so we are heeding to .55
FernandoMocer FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, Im waiting to buy lower, because I agree with you in the long term but right now theres possibility to go down
OACFX FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, Hey man, there is always a possibility for price to go down.

Let me remind you of how crypto markets work, herd mentality.

The only way we will see another sell off to .5 .6 is if the perception of the herd changes. Here you can see and obvious change in sentiment from the market with strong reversal signs.

I've posted several charts of other cryptos posting the same patterns, in my eyes its much more probable for a run higher.

Please, by all means short it, until .5
@OACFX, I think in short term nothing is say until 1.75 if we don't break it goes down. Look at the volume your sentiment is getting exhausted. Hope to buy low and sell in one month at price you are telling. Rigth now seem to be sensationalist post that could confuse people that doesn't know anything about cryptos, so you should add that you are talking in mid term, short term lets see
OACFX FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, first of all, do you own any XRP?

Secondly, my views are long term views, viewers should do their own due diligence if you have any experience you know not to follow other analysis blindly.

@OACFX, No I don't own ripple Yet. Im waiting to buy at .55-.85 for holding half to long term and selling half in 2.8-3.2.So where is your rebound to 2usd ?, I don't see it. I just see that is falling and I see an opportunity to buy. I don't say you are wrong, we all know cryptos market is bullish in long term, the thing is that this can confuse people and miss a buying opportunity
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