Ughh... CRUCIAL next hours for RIPPLE... (XRPUSD)

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Hi again, my beloved fans!

D4rkEnergY is here with an update on Ripple! We are looking at the 4h XRPUSD Chart. After a hard pullback, it seemed like XRP, after a steep uptrend and some slowly but steady crawling, was starting to recover. We went into an ascending triangle . D4 gave you the warning in an earlier post, that we probably would FALL through due to the bearish divergence ( RSI made a descending triangle ). And we did...

We are at this very moment facing a new ascending triangle , but the EMA 200 right above our head acts like heavy resistance. On the other hand do we have hand strong support from EMA 20 right under us. And also EMA50.

The RSI is making a symmetrical triangle, which is neither bullish nor bearish . The same goes for the MACD , which is indecisive.

I also want you to draw your attentions to the volume bars. The last 8(!!) bars have all been under the MA20 Volume .

So one thing is for sure! Something very soon is going to happen. And here are the 2 scenarios:

1. The bulls will in the end exhaust the bears and finally squeeze them up and out from the yellow ascending triangle . That would be a big victory, and we would again cruise on the EMA200. The next target would be 61,8 % retracement level.

2. The bulls cannot handle the pressure. The RSI will start to turn down, and once again the RSI will make a descending triangle , and ONCE again we have bearish divergence, and we will go down. And we are not done yet. Hereafter a HS pattern (Head and Shoulder) has formed, which probably will push the price even lower.

Let us see, my dear friends. It will be for sure be an exciting day!

D4 is everywhere
D4 predicts everything

評論: As predicted we one more time had to face bearish Divergence, and thereafter came the HS pattern, which took us even lower.

I can see, that some people wants to go long now. D4 wants to warn you, guys. A bear flag has now taking form, which suggest that we AGAIN will go lower. We might even reach the 78,2 % retracement level. The RSI and MACD still allow us to fall deeper.

D4 is here for you!
評論: Edit: 79,6.
評論: Dammit. 78,6
評論: Ripple will probably go even lower!


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it is 5 *****
Tnx 4 updates
would you recommend to short now?
is the 78,6% retracement the blue line?
HudaK Jaylue
@Jaylue, yes, zoom out the chart
Can you do IOP analysis please?
looks like a head and shoulders to me

I like 0.98 as a bottom. Will it hold?
Bets are off if BTC goes bananas of course..
Much depends on BTC and LTC...they appear to be sucking volume out of altcoins, and even the top 10 projects. I will be watching because FUD and emotion seem to rule our market some times. XRP has been fighting to break free but keeps finding resistance and goes down trying to find support.
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